What are the general conditions of access to a transition bachelor's degree? Additional conditions are listed at the bottom of this page for students who have obtained their degree in the European Union or outside the European Union.

Conditions of access to 1st cycle studies are governed by articles 107 to 109 of the decree of November 7, 2013 defining the higher education landscape and the academic organization of studies.

Competitions Medicine and dentistry

From the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, an entrance exam will replace the examination. For more information, click here:

Admission to 1st cycle studies is open to :

  • either a certificate of higher secondary education issued in the French Community (accompanied, up until the 1992-1993 school year, by a "diplôme d'aptitude" to access higher education);
  • a diploma issued by an institution of higher education from the French Community sanctioning an academic grade issued in application of the Decree of 7 November 2013; a diploma issued by a university institution or a fully recognised establishment organising higher learning in virtue of prior legislation;
  • a degree of higher education issued by a EPS institution;
  • for access to studies that it specifies, a certificate of achievement for one of the admission examinations  organised by the institutions of higher learning or by a jury from the French Community;
  • a diploma, degree or certificate of studies similar to those mentioned in the previous litteras issued by the Flemish Community, by the German-speaking Community, or by the Royal Military Academy;
  • a diploma, degree or certificate of studies from abroad recognised as equivalent to those mentioned in litteras 1 to 3 in application of the law, of a decree, of a European directive, or of an international convention;
  • or from a "diplôme d'aptitude" to access higher education (DAES) conferred by the jury of the French Community

Additional conditions


Universities in the French Community of Belgium may refuse the registration application of a non-fundable student on the basis of his or her academic record (cf. art. 5 of the decree of 11 April 2014).

This measure applies in particular to students who already have a certain number of registrations in the same course of study (without having obtained a degree).

In addition, students who enrol in a course of study after failing twice in a competitive examination or any test enabling them to undertake or continue higher education in the same course of study are not eligible for funding.


Particular cases of access conditions for the Bachelor

Acces conditions for european students (outside Belgium)

ACCES Conditions for NON-EU students in Undergraduate (Bachelor)



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