During their academic career, a student may encounter events which will lead them to take exceptional steps: refusal of registration, issues with payment periods, absences during the January session, refusal of reorientation. In the case of fraud, clear rules are also established.

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iconeAttention This deals only with appeals against a decision regarding a registration or an admission.

With respect to appeals related to the organisation of the academic year, of exams, and of deliberations,consult the regulation on studies and examinations (section 2 chapter VIII).

Submitting an appeal presupposes that you have already received a decision from the authorities of ULiège and that you wish to challenge it. Without reference to this decision, the appeal will be judged inadmissible and will not be processed.


Refusal of registration

Failure to meet payment deadlines

Block 1 student - Absence(s) January session

Refusal of reorientation

Case of fraud

Recours facultaire

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