Registration as a free student offers the possibility of attending certain courses and taking examinations outside regular registration.

A student who wishes to register as a free student (to take individual courses) must first obtain the permission of the professor of the course concerned and of the Dean of the faculty concerned or his/her delegate.

The total load of the courses chosen may not exceed 20 credits per academic year.

If a student passes a course (minimum grade of 10/20), he or she will be issued with a certificate. This certificate gives a numerical evaluation of the result, without awarding credits.

If the student subsequently enrols regularly, the relevant jury may award credits for the successful course (at the time of validation of the student's annual programme).

The precise evaluation procedures are described in the "Free student - Free teacher" regulations.

Registration procedure

The student prints out the "free student" form (link below), selects the teaching units he/she wishes to follow and obtains the signature of the holder(s) of the course(s) concerned.

He/she then contacts the faculty administration in order to obtain the authorisations of the professors and the approval of the Dean or his/her delegate.

Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the 2020-2021 registrations will be done by distance learning. To confirm your registration, we ask you to complete the online form (link below) and attach all the necessary documents to finalise your registration for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Free Student Authorisation Form

Online form "Free student"

Special case of the Faculty of Medicine

In the Faculty of Medicine, registration as a free student is not authorised for all courses.

The student must have a specific form (link below) completed and validated by the Board of Studies.

Authorisation form for free student in Medicine

Teachers' signatures are not necessarily required. The authorisations are ratified by the faculty meeting and the students receive the official authorisation from the Dean.

The student who wishes to enrol as a free student in the Faculty of Medicine must therefore present to the Enrolment Service

  • Identity card or passport
  • the specific form completed, dated and signed, bearing the seal of the faculty
  • the official authorization of the Dean (letter)

iconeInfo Further information and specific forms can be obtained from Ms Laurence Velkeneers

Registration fees

  • From 1 to 10 credits: flat rate of 145 €
  • From the 11th credit: 13 € per additional credit

The documents provided must be compliant and the registration fee paid in order for the registration to be taken into account.

For political refugees and asylum seekers

Special access conditions are reserved for recognised political refugees and asylum seekers.

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