rior authorisation from the Faculty is necessary to follow a limited number of courses as a free student and to take the exams, which, in case of successfully passing them, will result in a certificate of achievement (this is not a diploma).

Three courses for a maximum of 20 credits are authorised by means of the written approval of the professor (and that of the dean for the Faculty of Sciences, Applied Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology, Law, and Philosophy and Letters).

With the exception of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, for which the access title is required (C.E.S.S.).

The documents required during registration are:

  • the authorisation obtained from the secretariat of the Faculty, duly completed, dated, and signed
  • the email authorisation of the professor
  • the ID card

It is important to note that enrolling in individual courses does not grant one the title of regular student. Therefore, it does not allow for a residence permit.

For this non-academic training programme, the amount of registration fees must be paid by credit card on the day of registration:

  • €35/credit

It is necessary to make an appointment for all enrolment in individual courses: +32 (4) 366 56 79

For students already enrolled in an academic programme (at the University of Liège)

Duly enrolled students who wish, in addition to their annual programme, follow teaching units which are outside of their curriculum (1st and 2nd cycles) must obtain authorisation from their faculty and approval from the teachers concerned. The authorisation is limited to 3 teaching units and a maximum of 20 credits. Students register with the Admissions and Registration Department as a free student or auditor.

  • Registering as an auditor is free.
  • Registering for an individual course is €14/credit.

By way of derogation, the student at the end of their 2nd cycle (year in which the student is under review) can, with approval from the jury, enrol in an additional course determined useful for the realisation of their graduate work. After obtaining the approval form from the apparitor, the enrolment is done with the Registration Department and is free of charge.

For political refugees and asylum-seekers

Special access conditions are reserved for recognised political refugees and asylum-seekers.
Contacts : actions-refugies@uliege.be

iconeAttention Registrations on site for individual courses are only done Monday afternoons and Friday mornings.

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