ollowing the Royal Decree of 16 July 2013, the level B and C public officials who wish to climb the ladder and attain level A now have the possibility, after achievement of the first series of exams organised by the Selor, to enrol in 4 courses (of a minimum of 4 credits) from a University Masters programme or University College.

For the second series of exams, the candidate-official must therefore follow and successfully pass:

  • 1 mandatory course in the field of law, economics, or public finance which you can select via our course programme
  • 3 courses having an apparent link with their function


It is imperative that the interested public official communicates with their training manager before beginning any procedure related to this type of enrolment. The latter is responsible for providing all information necessary on the procedure to be followed before any registration for this programme.

The candidate-official then downloads the registration form (see link below). This form must include the titles of the chosen course(s). For each one, approval must be obtained from the course instructor concerned. This authorisation may appear in the form of a signature on the form accompanied by an email (from a "@uliege.be" email address).

Then, the candidate must contact the Apparitor of the Faculty in which these courses are given to validate the form.

Finally, the candidate submits his or her registration request via the online form provided for this purpose (see link below) and submits the duly completed, dated and signed authorisation.



In practice

  • The 4 courses can be followed over several years (example: 2 courses in 2016-2017 and 2 courses in 2017-2018) and cannot total more than 20 credits per academic year
  • For candidates who request permission from the professor by email, it is imperative that the latter be explicit
  • The amount of registration fees must be paid by credit card on the day of registration (€145 from 1 to 10 ECTS and €13 per additional ECTS). The registration fees are under no circumstances refundable.
  • A form must be used by Faculty if the chosen courses are not organised in the same Faculty
  • The candidate-officials participate in the exam on the same schedule as regular students
  • Information concerning the course programmes and timetables should be taken from the Faculty concerned or directly on the myULiège portal after registration
  • If successful, the candidate will earn a certificate of achievement and a transcript from the Faculty in which the courses were taken
  • In case of failure, and if the candidate wishes, a new registration can be made in order to follow the same courses the following year
  • Registrations are by no means automatic, and the procedure must be reiterated for each academic year

iconeAttention Registrations on site for level A public officials are done only on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings.

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