t any one time it is possible to print out from your home all your certificates, as well as the debt settlement from the virtual office of the myULiège portal. It is also possible to order your documents directly online via the contact form.

Upon presentation of your student card or identity card, the Registration Office can provide or complete various types of documents.

Duplicates of registration documents

The registration documents are pre-filled out.

Certificate of registration and attendance

It certifies the routine nature of the registration for an academic year.

Certificates for family allowances

It also certifies the routine nature of the registration for an academic year and directly answers the questions of the 7P7 form that parents receive from their family allowances fund.

Independent students and auditors cannot claim the certificates for family allowance funds since they are not regularly registered. The Student Social Service does not issue these certificates.

Certificate of academic history (for the Study Grant Service)

This certificate can be obtained on request at the registration office. It will be requested by the Study Grant Service (SAE) of the French Community during a scholarship application.

Student card

In case of loss or theft, it is possible to request a duplicate from our office. The former will be issued upon presentation of your identity card.

More information about student card

Certificate for the municipal administration

In order to take up residence, some students must provide a document certifying the regularity of their enrolment to the municipal administration concerned.

Proof of payment

In order to certify payment of their registration fees, the student can obtain a proof of payment with the amount of registration fees.

Please note that the Registration and Admission Office does not provide report cards, transcripts or certificates of attendance.

The forms

Documents to be completed

  • Exemption requests in order to follow studies full time (D93...)
  • Certificate of foreign scholarship request (CROUS...)
  • ...

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