Specialised Masters (EU)


he Specialised Masters is an academic degree resulting from 2nd-cycle university studies and corresponding to a particular professional qualification at the end of a training programme of at least 60 credits obtained after an initial training programme of at least 300 credits resulting in a master’s degree.

Please check if the Specialised Master’s degree you would like to register for is organised as a joint degree with partner establishments. The registration must always take place in the reference establishment.

Specialised master’s degree as a joint degree: reference establishments

In the event that the reference establishment is not the University of Liège, please contact the reference establishment to find out about the registration procedures.


In the event that the reference establishment is the University of Liège

Diploma obtained in Belgium

Before completing the online form, please take note of the entry requirements and make sure they are met. Then consult the list of documents to be provided based on your situation. You can then fill in the online form after having consulted the warning and the instructions.

Diploma obtained in the EU

If the entry requirements are met, the online form can be completed. The PDF documents must be uploaded by 31/08/2020.

iconeAttention This deadline is only valid for students from the European Union or non-European Union equivalent students with a degree from a European Union institution.

Special conditions for certain study programmes:

Medical specialities

Admission is subject to successfully passing selection exams.


More information

In addition to these clinical specialisations, the Faculty of Medicine also organises certain specialities which are not subject to the limitations imposed by the Government: health data management, forensic medicine, occupational medicine, insurance medicine, and medical expertise.

Specialised Masters in European Law, Competition Law, and Intellectual Property Law

When the online form is completed and sent by electronic mail, applicants to the Specialised Masters must also send in a copy of the form, in PDF format, to the address: caroline.langevin@uliege.be (more information on the website of the Liège Competition and Innovation Institute).

BREXIT information

From the academic year 2021-2022, British students wishing to enrol will be subject to the same regime as students from outside the European Union. The amount of the registration fee will therefore be €4175.

Legal access conditions for the Specialised Masters

Brochure “access conditions to the Specialised Master’s degree”

Documents to provide

Instructions for using the online form

Warning and advice before using the online form


Online form

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