Specialised Masters offer very specific training in a field. They enable students to complement the training already acquired in a 2nd university cycle.

General access conditions to the Specialised Masters


ccess to specialised Masters studies is regulated by article 112 of the decree of 7 November 2013 defining the landscape of higher learning and the academic organisation of studies, as well as the implementation decrees issued in application of this decree.

Subject to the general conditions set by the academic authorities, students who have access to specialised Masters studies meet the access conditions set out in article 111 and have a second-cycle title, diploma, grade or degree, be it from the French Community or not, or who have acquired skills recognised by the jury for at least 300 credits.

In addition, the only ones to have access to Specialised Masters in Medicine are students with a certificate of admission to the specialised studies in question, issued by a special inter-university jury at the end of a selection examination. Indeed, only a predetermined number of new doctors may access each year the practice of general medicine or specialised medicine under conditions enabling their patients to obtain reimbursement of their received care.

For further information, consult the site of the Faculty of Medicine.

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