Registration modification

All registration modifications must be signalled before 31 October of the academic year in progress. To do this, the student makes a request via:

Contact Platform



No changes can be recorded by fax, telephone or by a third-party.

  • Beyond 30 September, certain Faculties impose a special authorisation (the PDF document is to be submitted via the contact form)
  • If, for exceptional reasons, you were not able to enrol before 31 October, you will be required to submit a request form to the Minister of Higher Education.

For the ULiège student who plans on changing orientation but who still has doubts the Service Orientation Universitaire organises specific sessions.

Reorientation block 1

Students in their first year of first-cycle studies can change their registration up until 15 February without additional registration fees in order to pursue their academic year within another programme. This reorientation must be motivated by the student and is subject to approval by the jury of the study cycle to which they wish to change.

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Cancellation of registration

Furthermore, the student who wishes to cancel their registration can do so up until 30 November of the academic year in progress:

The registration fees will be reimbursed to the student, excepting the administrative fees.

Beyond 30 November, a cancelled registration is no longer reimbursed and the academic year is recorded in the academic curriculum of the student!

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