The "scholarship holder status"


his status is obtained for an academic year by the granting of the FWB scholarship for the same year. This status provides access to registration fee exemption and to course material assistance which are subject to independent requests depending on the required conditions.

Therefore, to request exemption from registration fees, namely €0 (=scholarship rate or TB), it is your responsibility to submit a reduction request for registration fees. Once the request has received a favourable opinion, the potential scholarship holding candidate, upon learning of the legal bases, will benefit early from the PROVISIONAL rate of €0.

Upon confirmation of the scholarship holder status by the FWB and upon presentation of the letter, the 0 EUR rate is definitively confirmed by the SSE. However, if the status is not granted or if the confirmation letter is not sent to us, the fee will be reviewed and the student will have to pay for it.

Finally, as soon as your scholarship rate is confirmed, which is to say that the SSE has encoded the decision that you have previously communicated to it, you will receive an email on your ULiège Student address providing you with access to the financial aid request form for course materials.


The FWB scholarship holder status offers three advantages and requires three steps to be taken in order to benefit from it:

Advantage 1: Scholarship holder status / FWB Scholarship

Submit your request before 31 October 2017. Procedure to be carried out online with the Study Grant Service

Advantage 2: Exemption from registration fees = scholarship holder rate

  1. Submit your request upon registering
  2. Procedure to be carried out online via the reduction of registration fees form of the SSE
  3. Provide the Student Social Services by downloading, upon receipt, a copy of the notification of decision taken by the Study Allocation Service of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

iconeAttentionWithout scholarship confirmation, the scholarship holder rate attribution is PROVISIONAL

Advantage 3: Course material assistance

Submit your application as soon as the scholarship holder rate is definitively confirmed

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