Specialised Masters : Student from a country outside of the EU

Registration procedures for the Specialised Master’s degree (2nd cycle) – Student from a country outside of the European Union


Note: if you have a Belgian CESS or if you meet one of the assimilation criteria, you have the same conditions as students from the European Union.


The Specialised Masters is an academic degree resulting from 2nd-cycle university studies and corresponding to a particular professional qualification at the end of a training programme of at least 60 credits obtained after an initial training programme of at least 300 credits resulting in a master’s degree.

Please check if the Specialised Master’s degree you would like to register for is organised as a joint degree with partner establishments. The registration must always take place in the reference establishment.




In the event that the reference establishment is not the University of Liège, please contact the reference establishment to find out about the registration procedures.

In the event that the reference establishment is the University of Liège

For all admissions to Specialised Masters for the 2019-2020 academic year, you must :

  • verify that you meet the conditions listed below
  • if yes, complete the online form and sent it back, by postal mail, before 30 April 2019 (deadline for reception of applications).

The authorisation letter that will be sent to you will specify the terms of your definitive registration, notably the balance of your registration fees.

You must finalise your formalities by presenting yourself personally at the ground floor of the central building, place du 20-Août, 7-9 at B-4000 Liège between July 1st and 30 September 2019.


legal access conditions for the specialised masters and online form

documents to provide


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