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Access conditions to the 2nd cycle for students from a country outside of the European Union


Note: if you have a Belgian CESS or if you meet one of the assimilation criteria, you have the same conditions as students from the European Union.


For admission to the 2nd cycle for the 2019-2020 academic year, you must :

  • verify that you meet the conditions listed below
  • if yes, complete the online form and sent it back, by postal mail, before April 30, 2019 (deadline for reception of applications).

1. Respect of legal access conditions

You must be the holder of a diploma which constitutes a title for access to the cycle requested.

2. Successful results

The Institution systematically refuses the application of students who, depending on the number of registrations they have already carried out, have not acquired a sufficient number of credits over the course of the last five academic years (Decree of 11 April 2014).

3. Language skills

Unless the jury has set different specific conditions, you must demonstrate a B2 level in the language of instruction (French or English), according to the Council of Europe's "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages".

- Are exempted from demonstrating their language skills at the moment of their application submission :

  • Students whose mother tongue is the teaching language of the desired discipline.
  • Students who have - or have acquired - the nationality of a country whose official language is the teaching language of the desired discipline.
  • Students who have acquired at least 45 credits in a curriculum given in the teaching language of the desired discipline.

- In all other cases, students must provide proof of passing a standardised test :

  • DALF, DELF, TEF or TCF is the teaching language is French.
  • TOEFL or IELTS if the teaching language is English.

- Exception : students who request enrolment in a Masters of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (and who are not already exempt for one of the abovementioned reasons) may produce another element which would demonstrate their knowledge of the teaching language.

iconeAttention In the current state of the legislation, students who want to start a pedagogical training (Master's degree in didactic or Aggregation of Higher Secondary Education) must demonstrate a C1 level in French.

4. Respect of deadline : 30 April

Note : Students wishing to enroll in the 2nd cycle in medicine or dental sciences on the basis of a course completed outside the European Union are not subject to the deadline of 30 April. They must register for the entrance exam at ARES.

5. Providing a financing plan

You must provide a financing plan (official evidence required) that attests to sufficient resources to carry out the studies : €10,000 + registration fee amount (€4,175 or €835, depending on the candidate's nationality).

6. Progress in studies

The student of non-European nationality who has already been enrolled in the French Community of Belgium cannot : 

  • be reoriented to an inferior cycle.
  • register for studies from the same cycle as a diploma that they have already obtained in the French Community of Belgium.  This limitation does not apply to dual-degree programmes (e.g. computer sciences / management sciences), to the combination management sciences + civil / industrial engineering or to access to a first Specialised Masters.

7. Grading criteria

  1. On the date of application submission, be in possession of a 1st cycle diploma obtained in a higher learning institution recognised by the competent authorities in the country of origin (after 3 years of study with at least 180 credits) or be in the final year of studies leading to this diploma. In the latter case, the final admission of the candidate will be subject to obtaining this diploma.
  2. The student must have acquired at least 75% of the credits of their yearly study programme for each of the years of higher learning preceding their enrolment request, except possibly for one year.
  3. If the studies were carried out in an education system which does not apply the progression by accumulation of credits, the student must have successfully completed each year of studies, except, possibly, one year.
  4. The acquired skills must be certified by a global average of at least 12/20.
  5. Prior studies must be related to the field requested (for "orphan" Masters, studies similar to the studies organised in CFB and providing access to said Masters).

8. Additional conditions for certain study programmes

  • Masters in Law : successful completion of at least 4 years of law with a "mention assez bien" (12/20) during one of the last two years of studies.
  • Masters in Public Health Sciences : have obtained an average of 65% over all the years of higher education and, in some cases, also have proof of professional experience of at least three years after graduation.
  • Masters in Architecture : produce imperatively a CD with the files in grouped PDF format of the 3 most recent projects carried out, which will include the graphic presentation boards, photos of potential models, presentation texts of the programme, substantive themes and the fact sheet of the projects, as well as the implementation schedule of the exercise. If already completed, provide the dissertation (PDF format). Provide the detailed programmes of courses followed (accompanied by tables of content).
  • Masters in Psychological Sciences, option Clinical Psychology: Neuropsychology : you must send in your application using this PDF form and sent it (sent by registered mail or handed in in person with acknowledgement of receipt), accompanied by all the documents which will allow the selection committee to determine your level of training in the subjects mentioned in the access conditions to Mr Thierry MEULEMANS, University of Liège, Bldg. B33 Neuropsychologie, Quartier Agora, place des Orateurs 1, B-4000 Liège. They will be selected based on their results and the content of their initial training, which must include the following subjects: cognitive neuropsychology, clinical neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, cognitive development, physiology of the nervous system, cognitive-behavioural psychology and psychopathology. For further information, contact Ms Magda Thunus (+32 4 366 20 26 or"

9. Special conditions in terms of linguistic knowledge

A B2 level in French is required for admission to all courses except masters organized entirely in English for which candidates must only prove a B2 level in English and with the exception of the following masters for which the juries concerned have specific requirements :

  • physical sciences, specialised orientation in medical radiophysics, space sciences : the required level in English is B1.
  • Speech Therapy, Psychology, and Education Sciences : the required French language level is C1.
  • French and Romance languages and Literatures, orientation French as a foreign language, specialisation : the required French language level is C1.
  • Multilingual Communication : the required level for the chosen languages is C1.
  • Translation and Interpretation : the required level in French is C2.

iconeAttention Submit your application to the Admissions and Registration Department before 30 April 2019

If you meet the abovementioned conditions, you may complete the online form, print it off and sent it in by postal mail, accompanied by copies of your academic documents, before 30 April (deadline for reception of applications).

Applications which are incomplete, late, or that do not meet the set academic criteria will not be successful.

The University of Liège reserves the right to require, as part of the registration procedures, the presentation of the originals of diplomas and transcripts.

The authorities verify the authenticity of the declarations and produced documents. In case of doubt, further information and/or documents will be required. Any forgery will be reported to all institutions concerned and will necessarily result in the cancellation of the enrolment.

instructions and tips for using the online form

Online form

Once the form has been submitted and a positive response received, it will be necessary to finalize your registration in person, at the Admissions and Registration Department between July 1st and September 30, 2019.

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