Access conditions to the Master — Outside EU

Administrative requirements

1. The applicant submits his or her application from February 16, 2023 to March 31, 2024

All required documents must be submitted to the University before April 1st. Once all the documents have been uploaded, you must validate your application, otherwise it will not be examined.


If you wish to apply to a quota track (veterinary medicine, physical therapy, speech therapy, medicine and dental sciences), you are not subject to the March 31 deadline. You must comply with the terms and conditions (draw, entrance exam, etc.).

For more information:

2. The applicant submits his or her own application online

Applications for which an intermediary is identified will be automatically refused. You will be asked to provide your postal address in your country of origin, your private e-mail address and your cell phone number. You may be contacted by the President of the Jury or by the Enrollment and Admissions Department via Whatsapp or any other video conferencing application.

Indeed, we notice that students, mainly of Cameroonian origin, are victims of fraud by intermediaries who offer their services for a fee in order to facilitate their admission and who sometimes produce false documents, which results in the exclusion of the candidate concerned from any institution of higher education for a period of 3 years.

3. The candidate completes and signs an attestation of awareness of the measures decided by the ULiège in the context of the fight against registration fraud

4. The applicant may submit only one application per academic year

You can therefore only apply for one program.

5. The candidate must have a 1st cycle degree of higher education

You must meet the legal requirements for acces to the 2nd cycle.

6. The candidate must have the required language skills

You must, if applicable, provide proof of a B2 level in the language of instruction (French or English).

Proof of proficiency in French may be waived:

  • Students whose mother tongue is French.
  • Students who have - or have acquired - the nationality of a country whose official language is French.
  • Students who have successfully completed one year of a program taught in French.

Specific language requirements can be found in the course syllabus and acces requirements.

If the jury of the program concerned requires proof of passing a standardized test, the following proofs will be accepted:

  • DALF, DELF, TEF or TCF if the language of instruction is French.
  • TOEFL iBT, IELTS, Cambridge FCE or Cambridge CAE, if the language of instruction is English (only tests with a photo that are less than 2 years old will be accepted).

In the current state of legislation, if you wish to begin a pedagogical training program (master's degree in didactics or Agrégation de l'Enseignement Secondaire Supérieur), you must prove a C1 level in French.

For your information, here are the tests and scores accepted (corresponding to B2)

IELTS 5,5 - 6,5
TOEFL iBTS avant 2019 : 87 - 109
après 2019 : 72 - 95
Cambrigde FCE (First Certificate in English) > 160
Cambrigde CAE (Certificate of Advanced English) > 180


More specific criteria (in terms of scores and/or accepted tests) may be set by some Faculties. Students are invited to consult the academic conditions available below.

7. The candidate pays an administrative fee of 200 euros

If you are authorized to register for the academic year in question, this amount will be deducted from registration fees. In all other cases, these fees will be retained by the Université of Liège and cannot be refunded or deferred. You must therefore check beforehand that you meet the admission requirements.

Assimilated student, doctoral students, students coming under an international co-degree program and holders of an FWB higher diploma are exempt from paying this administrative fee.

If you consider yourself an assimilated student, you will only be exempted from payment of this fee if you can prove this by providing the required documents.

8. The candidate provides the University with a financing plan

The candidate must provide a financing plan (official proof required) that attests to sufficient resources to carry out his/her studies: €10,000 + registration fee (depending on the candidate's nationality).

If, at the end of the application process, the candidate receives an authorisation to register, he/she may request the deposit of the required legal amount in a blocked account from the University in order to prove his/her solvency to obtain a visa for Belgium. 


Minimum academic requirements

In addition to the legal conditions of access to studies and the administrative conditions listed above, the Enrollment and Admissions Department verifies that students of non-European Union nationality meet certain academic conditions set by the Juries. Only applications that meet these academic requirements will be examined by the admissions committees.

These conditions do not apply to non-EU students who fall into one of the following categories:

  • "assimilated" students (e.g.: refugees and asylum seekers);
  • students who hold a Belgian Certificate of Higher Secondary Education;
  • students with a diploma obtained in a higher education institution of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (application for registration in the framework of the "Passerelles" decree);
  • students who apply for registration in an undergraduate course subject to selection in application of the "non-resident" decree (veterinary, physiotherapy, speech therapy, medicine and dental sciences);
  • students legally residing in Belgium and subject to the entrance examination for engineering studies;
  • students who apply for registration on the basis of a recent diploma (from the current academic year or from the two previous academic years) obtained in a country of the European Union outside the WBF.

Here are the minimum academic conditions to be respected Faculty by Faculty:

Medecine and Dental Sciences
    Competition at the beginning of the academic year 2023

Please note that as of the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year, this entrance exam will be replaced by a competitive examination. This web page will be updated as soon as possible. In the meantime, please consult the portal:

iconeAttention Submit your application via our online form before March 31, 2024 at the latest

If you meet the administrative and academic conditions described above, you can complete the online form, pay the administrative fee of 200 euros and finally upload the requested documents at the end of the form, before March 31 (the deadline for receiving the files). The payment of the 200 euros (all bank charges at your expense) conditions the examination of the file.

Once the form has been submitted and if your application has been accepted, the letter of authorization will be sent to you by e-mail and will specify the terms of your final registration (before September 30, 2024) as well as the amount of your registration fee.

No action will be taken on incomplete or late applications, or those that do not meet the administrative and academic criteria. 

The University of Liège reserves the right to require, as part of the registration procedures, the presentation of the originals of diplomas and transcripts.

The authorities verify the authenticity of the declarations and produced documents. In case of doubt, further information and/or documents will be required. Any detected forgery leads to disciplinary porceedings (see art. 27 of the General Regulations for Studies and Examinations).


Universities in the French Community of Belgium may refuse the registration application of a non-fundable student on the basis of his or her academic record (cf. art. 5 of the decree of 11 April 2014).

This measure applies in particular to students who already have a certain number of registrations in the same course of study (without having obtained a degree).

In addition, students who enrol in a course of study after failing twice in a competitive examination or any test enabling them to undertake or continue higher education in the same course of study are not eligible for funding.

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Cost of studies and residence formalities

Health care and insurance

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