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Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the registration desk continue to carry out its missions by using telework.


Admissions 2021-2022 open on the online form
from Monday, 8 February 2021

The online form must be completed and the PDF
documents must be uploaded before 30 April 2021.

iconeNew Examination of the file

Students of non-European Union nationality (except the assimilated, PhD students, students coming in the framework of an international codiplomation as well as holders of a CFWB higher diploma) must have paid the sum of 200 euros (administrative fees (down payment)) in order to finalize their application online. If their application is accepted, this amount will be deducted from the registration fee. In all other cases, the down payment will not be refunded. It is therefore very important to verify, beforehand, that you meet the conditions of access.

Students in assimilation situations are exempt from paying the down payment of 200 euros for the processing of their file, provided they provide proof by providing the requested documents.

The payment of the €200,00, all bank charges at your expense, is a condition for the examination of the file.
Before completing the online form, please read the entry requirements and make sure that they are fulfilled. Then consult the list of documents to be provided according to your situation. You will then be able to complete the online form after consulting the warning and instructions for use.

iconeAttention Warning

We notice that students, mainly of Cameroonian origin, are victims of fraud by one or more intermediaries (in Belgium or in the country of origin).
These intermediaries sometimes produce false documents without the consent of the student concerned. We therefore invite you to introduce the file by yourself.

iconeInfo Fees for British students

In view of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the rules governing registration fees for British students will be modified as of the 2021-2022 academic year. British students who wish to register for the first time in a higher education institution in the Walloon-Brussels Federation, or who have obtained an academic degree (bachelor or master) and wish to register for another degree (of the same cycle or not) will be subject to the same regime as students from outside the European Union and will therefore be liable for increased registration fees (€4,175) (except in the case of assimilation).

More information on the new regulation.

1. Respect of legal access conditions

You must have a first cycle diploma.

For More informations

2. Successful results

The Institution systematically refuses the application of students who, depending on the number of registrations they have already carried out, have not acquired a sufficient number of credits over the course of the last five academic years (Decree of 11 April 2014).

3. Language skills

You must demonstrate a B2 level in the language of instruction (French or English).

The specific conditions relating to linguistic knowledge are available in the course program and access conditions.

If the jury of the Master you want to choose requires proof of successful completion of a standardized test, the following proofs will be accepted:

  • DALF, DELF, TEF or TCF is the teaching language is French.
  • TOEFL or IELTS if the teaching language is English (tests older than 2 years are not accepted).

iconeAttention  In the current state of the legislation, students who want to start a pedagogical training (Master's degree in didactic or Aggregation of Higher Secondary Education) must demonstrate a C1 level in French.

For information, here are the accepted tests and scores (B2 correspondence)

IELTS 5,5 - 6,5
TOEFL (papier) 567 - 633

Avant 2019 : 87 - 109

Après 2019 : 72 - 95

TOEIC 785 - 940
Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English) > 160
Cambridge CAE (Certificate of Advanced English) > 180

4. Respect of deadline : 30 April

Note : Students wishing to enroll in the 2nd cycle in medicine or dental sciences on the basis of a course completed outside the European Union are not subject to the deadline of 30 April. They must register for the entrance exam at ARES.

5. Providing a financing plan

You must provide a financing plan (official evidence required) that attests to sufficient resources to carry out the studies : €10,000 + registration fee amount (€4,175 or €835, depending on the candidate's nationality).

6. Minimum academic conditions

In addition to the legal conditions of access to studies, the registration service verifies that non European students  meet specific academic conditions before submitting their application to the admissions committees.

These conditions are set by the juries.

They do not apply to non European students who fall under one of the following categories:

  • "assimilated" students (eg refugees and asylum seekers) ;
  • students with a Higher Secondary School Certificate ;
  • students applying for enrollment in an undergraduate course subject to selection under the “non-resident” decree (veterinarian, physiotherapy, speech therapy, medicine and dental sciences) ;
  • students staying regularly on Belgian territory and subject to the entrance examination for engineering studies;
    students applying for registration on the basis of a diploma obtained in a country of the European Union (exception possible if duly justified).

The minimum conditions allowing the Registration Office to examine your file differ from one faculty to another. Read them below.

If you meet the abovementioned conditions, you may complete the online form, pay the down payment of 200 euros and finally upload the requested documents at the end of the form, before April 30 (the deadline for receiving the files).  The payment of the 200 euros (all bank charges at your expense) conditions the examination of the file.

Once you have submitted your form and your application has been accepted, a letter of authorisation will be sent to you by e-mail specifying the terms and conditions of your definitive registration (between 1 July and 30 September 2021) as well as the amount of your registration fee .

Applications which are incomplete, late, or that do not meet the set academic criteria will not be successful.

The University of Liège reserves the right to require, as part of the registration procedures, the presentation of the originals of diplomas and transcripts.

The authorities verify the authenticity of the declarations and produced documents. In case of doubt, further information and/or documents will be required. Any forgery will be reported to all institutions concerned and will necessarily result in the cancellation of the enrolment.

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